Committed to the environment

Moisés Casas winery is located in Miguel Esteban, a small village in Toledo, surrounded by a landscape of great environmental value thanks to the native flora and fauna within “Los Charcones” Natural Reserve, a true natural lung, with a very clean atmosphere that we, at ECCE VINUM, respect and maintain.

In this sense, our vineyards and wines are certified Organic and suitable for vegans, "Good for nature, good for you”. Wines without pesticides, obtained from a traditional, artisanal and natural viticulture certified as Organic by SOHISCERT.

As part of our commitment to the Environment all by-products are reused: lees, grape-marc and washing water are sent to the distillery. The stem is used together with manure to make compost that will then be incorporated into our vineyards as organic fertilizer.