ECCE VINUM was born in 2009 with the intention to show what we were capable of and to break the molds to create something personal and with an emotional and unique character.

Our business model is based on three pillars:

- Sustainability, respect for the Environment and fight against Climate Change

- Development of more natural, healthy and organic wines

- Support rural economy and environment

The Earth is a delicate vineyard whose fruits need to be collected with respect and where human intervention should not affect the biological balances of nature.

We are committed to a traditional and natural viticulture, where only organic products are used and also, as part of this commitment to local traditions, we work mainly with indigenous varieties, which are the ones that best adapt to the soils.

Our organic wines respond to those who look into the world through a global and shared vision of the natural resources available to all living beings in all parts of the planet.

All our vineyards are goblet-trained, in a traditional way, in full respect for the grapes on all stages. We work with very low yields per hectare, to find a natural balance between the vines and its fruits thanks to a quality pruning.

We are the 4th generation of the family dedicated to viticulture and to wine.